Hellotxt – Automatically Updating the Status of Web Services

Hellotxt can post your status once and have it appear automatically on all of your web services, allowing you to keep all of your friends up to date with ease. It also lets you read your friends’ updates from larger web services like Facebook and Twitter on one screen.

Hellotxt is a tool to aid you in the communication and digestion of all your social information. It make easy to post text and media to separate accounts on multiple social networks, publishing platforms, and micro-communication services.

You can update your status on the website, or by using email from your mobile phone. You can also embed photos and video right into your status updates. It is your personal social networker a Social Dashboard for your life online.

[advt]The free service will accessible via web, WAP, and smartphone apps, is designed to help a user communicate easily with their contacts, whichever networks they are on, and in both inbound and outbound communication. You can sign up online with just a few clicks using Facebook Connect, or choose a conventional username and password to access your Hellotxt account
To get started, select some of the social networks and services which you update frequently with text, photos, or even video. You will be asked to input your info for each network, and in some cases, the site will require an application installation to validate (such as Facebook and Twitter). Using  Hellotxt there is no need for it, on updating by email, or via our iPhone, iPad, or Android applications


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