Twitcaps – Image Search Engine for Twitter

TwitcapsTwitcaps is a real-time image search engine for twitter, allows you to search, browse and capture the latest images posted to Twitter via any of the popular Twitter image services.

From the Twitcaps interface, you may capture an image for later use, re-tweet the image on your own Twitter feed, or share the image on any number of social linking services. Twitcaps also has a built in translation functionality


With Twitcap, you can capture the image and save it under your own twitpic service. This means that if the user who originally posted their image should later decide to delete that image, then you will STILL have your copy of that image available to your Twitter account on both Twitcaps and[advt]

With Twitcaps, you can feel safe in re-tweeting the image or posting the image to any number of social linking services. Because you now control the image, you can be confident that the image will not disappear and the link to that image will never go away until you delete it.

With Twitcaps, you may filter image by image host or you can also filter by language.


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