FireEagle – Site that Stores Information About Your Location

Fire Eagle is a site that stores information about your location. With your permission, other services and devices can eitherĀ update that information orĀ access it. By helping applications respond to your location, Fire Eagle is designed to make the world around you more interesting. Use your location to power friend-finders, games, local information services, blog badges and stuff like that.

[advt]Fire Eagle allows you to share your locations with other sites and services safely through a secure server – you are always in control. You can decide to share your location with any site that can use it, and even choose how much detail to give that application. Fire Eagle is completely free to use. You can update from anywhere.

Fire Eagle keeps only the most recent piece of location information it has received for each of the major levels it understands: Exact Location, Neighborhood, City, State, Country etc. Fire Eagle authorizations have been back up and running for a couple of days.


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