HeapNote – Custom-Fit Online Notebook

HeapNote is a custom-fit online notebook that lets you manage your ideas, bookmarks, todo lists, expenses or anything else that is important to you with an extremely flexible, powerful and easy to use interface. All your data is securely stored, available 24 hours a day, thanks to Google App Engine. Each note can have multiple fields (either text or numeric).

Its numeric fields are automatically summed up. You can use it e.g. for simple tracking your expences. To categorize your notes you can also use labels which are organized into a tree. You can easily mark notes with labels using drag & drop.



  • In HeapNote you can create a table for every sort of information you want to store. You can have tables for your expenses, bookmarks, recipies, todo lists, contacts etc. Every table shows up as a tab.
  • A table can have any number of text or numeric columns (numeric columns are automatically summed up).
  • You can make the columns invisible, change their order using drag & drop or change their width.
  • You can also sort the notes according to any column by clicking on the title of the column.


  • [advt]You can use RichText Editor to edit the note. It lets you bold the text, change color, fonts and use enumeration.
  • Notes can be marked with labels using drag & drop.
  • You can do some actions on many notes at the same time (e.g. remove, mark with label).


  • You can use labels to better organize your notes.
  • Labels can create a tree.
  • You can select many labels at the same time to show the notes that are labeled with all of them.
  • You can drag & drop the labels in the tree to change its structure.

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