HBO Go – HBO’s Online Movie Streaming Service

HBO Go is a video streaming service which will allow subscribers to watch streaming movies on the internet. The service provides a personalized movie watching experience to the US based subscribers. This is one of the growing trends in the television and media industry, This shows the trend of cable television service are being shifted to the realm of streamed entertainment over the internet. This content delivery service will enable Verizon Wireless’s FiOS TV customers to enjoy masses of HBO-branded content while online. The service, available only in the United States, offers live streaming at HD picture quality.

With HBO Go, subscribers can watch their favorite movies either by ordering the DVD, or watch the streaming movie online. HBO Go has also claimed to offer newer titles than its competitor Netflix. According to the deal, the new portal will carry considerably more content than the cable network’s existing TV on demand service, amounting to somewhere in excess of 600 hours of regularly updated programming.

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