Gyazo – Free Screen Capture Software

Gyazo is free screen capture software that lets you take, upload and share screenshots. It works efficiently to let you take screenshots and you can share the picture you take with your friends or colleagues. You just have to launch the software and open the page where you want to take screenshots of an image. You can then drag your mouse to capture your screen and it automatically uploads it and the URL is saved on the clipboard. After that you can paste the URL and share screenshots wherever you want, including Twitter, GMail or your blog.

Download Gyazo


  • Drag and drop images on the Gyazo icon to upload them
  • You can not delete or modify the uploaded image when you capture your screen
  • [advt]You can upload any number of images using this free screenshot software
  • It is user friendly free screen capture software
  • Gyazo allows you to take screenshots instantly

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