iMageIT – Disk Imaging Software that Create Backup of Your Disk

iMageIT is a free disk imaging software that lets you create backups of your entire disk that you can use to restore your system in case of a disk failure. It comes with a great feature that you can create backup even while you are using your system. It will even backup the open files and applications.

These types of image backups come really handy if you want to do multiple deployments of operating systems and other programs, or if you just want to take backup of your system. You can store images in a partition on your disc that will be protected by iMageIT. You can then do a quick recovery using that partition. Or, you can even store the disc images in a USB drive or external hard disk.

Download iMageIT


  • Deploy/Recover Windows based systems.
  • Create Bootable Discs.
  • Option of Hot Backup that can backup your programs and files even while they are open.
  • [advt]It can create differential backups that speed up the process of restoring your system.
  • Standard Edition is completely free.

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