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Google LogoGoogle SMS Search is the service by Google mobile for Indian users which lets them to search Google via SMS. For this Google provides a 10 digit mobile number 9773300000 for Idian users. Text message your search query to 9-77-33-00000 and google will text message back your results. Google SMS services work on every phone that supports SMS text messaging.

Google SMS Search will find answers for all your query. Now send all your queries to 9-77-33-00000 without paying any premium charges! SMS Search offers an easy-to-use way to type in free-form searches. No longer will your questions require complicated prefixes or a tight syntax.

Launched nationally, this service is available across all operators on both GSM and CDMA mobile phones. Give it a try by SMSing “help” to 9-77-33-00000 and don’t forget to save the number of your newly found friend (Google SMS) in your phone book!

Get cricket scores, Indian Railways train schedules & ticket status, horoscopes, movie showtimes, restaurant information and more …all through SMS on your phone without paying a premium charge for any of this, just the price of a standard SMS.

[advt]Simply send your search query by SMS to 9773300000 and you will get results back by SMS immediately. Save 9-77-33-00000 on your phonebook for quick and easy access to Google SMS. Google SMS will return results using your saved location if no location is specified.

Requirements: SMS enabled mobile device; All GSM/CDMA mobile operator networks are supported (Aircel, Airtel, BPL, BSNL, Idea, Reliance, Spice, Tata, Vodafone).


Search Queries


To get local business listings, enter the business type or name followed by a location (e.g. pizza bangalore or restaurants saket delhi).

Sample Query: pizza andheri east mumbai

(1/2)Local Listings:
Dominos Pizza
Shop No. 3, Ambika Apartments, Wing-A, )-2, Mahakali Caves Rd
Andheri East
Hanuman Nagar, Andheri East
Hanuman Nagar, Andheri East


To get cricket scores, international and domestic, enter CRI. For scores of a particular team, enter CRI followed by the team name (ex: CRI India). For scores of domestic tournaments, enter CRI followed by the tournament name (ex: CRI IPL, CRI ICL, CRI RANJI). For scores of a particular team in domestic tournaments, enter CRI <TOURNAMENT NAME> followed by the team name (ex: CRI IPL Mumbai Indians, CRI RANJI UP.)

Sample Query:


Bhupen Hazarika responds 2 dialysis, but still cri
2G case:Bail pleas of Kanimozhi,7 others dismissed

cricket score

Dolphins v Cape Cobras
Warriors v Knights

cri ipl

Decision on participation of PAK players in IPL will be taken at Governing Council meeting on Oct 14, chairman Rajiv Shukla said.

cri icl

‘The battle is not over’ – Greig
The former England captain has admitted it is natural 2 assume that the ICL is winding down after 79

cri ranji

* Google Mobile | SMS for your phone
Search Feature, Sample Query. Local, pizza andheri east mumbai. Cricket, cri, cricket score, cri ipl, cri icl, cri ranji. Directions, directions chowpatty to nariman …

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To get driving directions, enter ‘directions’ your start address then ‘to’ followed by your destination address (ex: directions chowpatty to nariman point).

Sample Query: 

directions chowpatty to nariman point

* Google Mobile | SMS for your phone
Directions, directions chowpatty to nariman point. Railways PNR Status, pnr number. Train schedule, train schedule 2926. Trains between stations, train delhi to …

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Railways PNR Status

To get PNR status of Indian Railways train ticket, enter your 10 digit pnr number (ex: 2342345587).

Sample Query: pnr number

Train schedule 2926

To get railway information, send
1. “trains Mumbai to Delhi” to know trains list
2. “train schedule 2926” for train schedule
3. “train avail 1018 Bangalore to Mumbai on 31-03” for seat availability
4. 10 digit PNR number to know latest PNR status
5. “train fare 1018 Bangalore to Mumbai in sl” for ticket fare.

Trains between stations

Sample Query: train delhi to mumbai

Indian Railways:
1. 12138 – PUNJAB MAIL
2. 12450 – GOA SMPRK K EXP
3. 12904 – GOLDN TEMPLE ML
4. 12618 – MNGLA LKSDP EXP
5. 19024 – FZR BCT JANTA
6. 12218 – KERLA S KRANTI
7. 12484 – ASR KCVL EXPRES
8. 12288 – DDN KCVL SUP EX
10. 11058 – ASR DR EXPRESS
11. 09022 – JAT BDTS SPL
12. 12472 – SWARAJ EXPRESS
13. 12908 – MHRST SMPRK K E
14. 19020 – DEHRADUN EXP

 Train seat availability

To get train seat availability, send ‘TRAIN AVAIL 1018 Bangalore TO Mumbai ON 31-03’ (‘TRAIN AVAIL train number start city TO end city ON date’).

Sample Query: train avail 1018 Bangalore to Mumbai on 24-04

Sorry, date of travel is outside the advance reservation period.

Train Fare

To get fare of Indian Railways train ticket, send ‘TRAIN FARE 1018 Bangalore TO Mumbai IN sl’ (‘TRAIN FARE train number start city TO end city IN class of (2/2)travel’).

Sample Query: train fare 1018 Bangalore to Mumbai for SL

Indian Railways:
Train: 1018 – CHALUKYA EXP
Class of travel: SL
Fare: Rs.371
From: yesvantpur jn
To: dadar

Business Search

To get local business listings, enter the business type or name followed by a location (e.g. pizza bangalore or restaurants saket delhi).

Sample Query: 

restaurants indiranagar banglore,
flowers vasant vihar, new delhi

Local Listings:

St Loren Connoissiurs Flowers
2, Market, Vasant Vihar, D Block

C 23, Market, Vasant Vihar

Stock Quotes

To get stock quotes, enter company name or ticker followed by the word ‘quote’ (ex: reliance quote).

Sample Query: reliance stock

500325 (Reliance Industries Ltd.)
888.00 (+3.40/0.38%)
4 Nov 11:00am IST
Real-time price data for BSE.

Commodity Prices

To get MCX spot commodity prices from markets, enter ‘price’ followed by the commodity name and optionally the market name (e.g. price gold ahmedabad, price oil) and to get futures prices, enter ‘futures’ followed by the commodity name (e.g. futures gold, futures oil).

Sample Query: price gold

Nifty 2 hold 4750, infra looks good: Dimensions Co
Return 2 gold standard? y price would hit $10,000

Local time

To get local time in a city, enter ‘time’ followed by the city name (ex: time London, time Boston).

Sample Query: time newyork


To get todays horoscope, enter your zodiac sign or ‘horoscope’ followed by your birth date (ex: aries, horoscope June 23 etc.).

Sample Query: virgo

Those in the limelight 4 their recent achievements, get bigger & more attractive opportunities today. This may require being away from home. , SRC


To see the latest news headlines, type ‘news’ followed by what you are looking for news on (ex: News tendulkar). Or enter ‘business news’ to get business news.

Sample Query


Hazare visits Rajghat, breaks his ‘maun vrat’
Social activist Anna Hazare on Friday broke his 19-day ‘vow of silence’, saying it was not against any person or party but in the interest of his own health. The 74-year-old Mr. Hazare broke his ‘maun vrat’ at Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial Rajghat at …

news big b

Ranji Trophy: Rohit , Manoj hit centuries
New Delhi: Rohit Sharma and Manoj Tiwari struck form straightaway, scoring unbeaten centuries, while promising Punjab batsman Mandeep Singh and Himachal Pradesh’s Paras Dogra also came up with big hundreds as the new Ranji Trophy season got under way …


To get movie show times and ratings, send “movies” or name of a current movie and a location (e.g.”movies delhi” or “golmaal returns delhi”).

Sample Query

movies delhi

* Loot

Delite Cinema
12:30 3:30 6:30 9:30pm

Liberty Cinema: Karol Bagh
3:15 6:30 9:30pm 12:00am

* Miley Naa Miley Hum

Delite Cinema
12:30 3:30 6:30 9:30pm

* Haunted

5d Bonzai Adventure: Rajouri Garden
1:00 2:00 3:00pm 12:00am

* Pirate Story 5d
5d Bonzai Adventure: Rajouri Garden

* Sos 5d

5d Bonzai Adventure: Rajouri Garden

Flight status

Looking for flight information? Enter the flight number (ex: it302, sg232).

Sample Query: it302

* IT 302 Kingfisher – Timing, Fare, Availability & Booking Details | 90di
Details of Kingfisher, IT 302 schedule, availability latest are and online booking.

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Glossary: help: Make it easier for (someone) to do something by offering aid

Sample Query : define inflation

in.fla.tion: The action of inflating something or the condition of being inflated


To get weather information, enter ‘weather’ (or ‘w’) followed by a location (e.g. weather chennai, w bangalore).

Sample Query: weather delhi

New Delhi, Delhi
25C, Smoke
Wind: W 6 km/h
Hum: 36%
Fri: 19C-31C, Clear
Sat: 19C-30C, Clear
Sun: 17C-29C, Clear


To get translations, enter ‘translate’ (or ‘t’) followed by the expression, ‘to’ and a destination language (ex: translate hello to french, t welcome to german).

Sample Query: translate hello from english to french

‘hello’ in English means ‘bonjour’ in French.

Web snippets

To get snippets from generic Web results, enter ‘web’ followed by the search terms (ex: web stanford university, web ringtones for phone).

Sample Query: web hubble telescope

* Hubble Space Telescope – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a space telescope that was carried into orbit by a Space Shuttle in 1990 and remains in operation. A 2.4 meter (7.9 ft) …

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Use calculator to solve maths problems, units of measure or currency conversions (e.g. 5+2*2, half cup in teaspoon, 70F in C, 1 dollar in INR, 3 USD in INR).

Sample Query


((5 * 10) / 5) – 4 = 6

1 kilo in pounds

1 kilogram = 2.20462262 pounds

Currency Conversion

Use calculator to solve maths problems, units of measure or currency conversions (e.g. 5+2*2, half cup in teaspoon, 70F in C, 1 dollar in INR, 3 USD in INR).

Sample Query: 5000 inr in usd

Currency Conversion:
5000 Indian rupees = 102.10500 U.S. dollars

Data is proprietary, unverified and for personal use only at own risk. Google & data provider not liable. See


Enter a fact-based question or query to get facts (e.g. what is inflation, india population).

Sample Query: GDP of india

India’s FY12 overall deficit may be @ 8.6% of GDP:


Google SMS Search:  SMS your query to 9773300000 for cricket scores, railway info, find businesses around you, stock quotes, horoscope and more. eg: Cri, Trains Delhi to Agra, pnr number, taxi vasant kunj, reliance quote, virgo, news, movie Chennai. Reply ‘tips’ for details or visit

Sample Query: tips

Cricket Scores: cri
PNR: pnr number
Availability: train avail 1018 Delhi to Agra on 31-03
Schedule: train 1018
Stock Quotes: reliance stock

Horoscope: virgo
Local Business Search: taxi vasant kunj
News: news, business news
Movies: movies Delhi

Flight Status: 9w502
Dictionary: define zenith

Weather: weather Delhi
Calculator: 1 kilo in pound, 5*3/4
Currency Conversion: 5000 inr in usd
Facts: GDP of india


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