Find Nearby Wi-Fi Hotspots and Get Connected Automatically Using WeFi

WeFi is dedicated to helping you find, connect, and enjoy Wi-Fi anywhere around the world. It provide the tools that allow the community to map the global Wi-Fi network.  It is software loaded onto your laptop or mobile device.

Install it, and it searches out nearby hot spots, showing you information about each, including whether it is encrypted or an open network, its signal strength, and what kind of category it’s in–for example, a café. Once you see a hot spot you want to connect to, double-click it and you’ll connect.

It also provides you with Instant-Messaging tools, allowing you to create a buddy list, and to see where your friends are currently connected.

WeFi helps you:

WeFi is community driven – each person using WeFi plays a part in growing the network. It will not take much to create a global network of FREE Wi-Fi connectivity.

Download WeFi

Download Wefi for Android


Features of WeFi

  • Get a reliable, fast wireless connection[advt]
  • Automatically connect anywhere Wi-Fi is available
  • Find Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe
  • Discover and map new Wi-Fi access points
  • Be part of the community that is creating a global Wi-Fi network.

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