Google Mobile Services for India

You night already know that Google provides a lot of mobile services for India, including Search, Gmail, Picasa, Calendar, News, SMS and Docs. To access Google Mobile Services, visit on your mobile browser.

Google Mobile Search

Find exactly what you are looking for by searching through Google’s entire index of web and mobile web pages. Google adapts the pages for the mobile device’s smaller screen size. You can also customize your Google personalized homepage for your mobile device. You can view the most recent Gmail messages, check weather updates, etc.. Google Search requires web-enabled mobile device with a data plan. This service is free from Google but charges from your carrier may apply.


Gmail on Mobile

The Gmail for mobile application lets you access your Gmail account from your mobile phone. The application works with most new Java-enabled (MIDP2) mobile phones and mobile devices and allows for quick and easy access to your Gmail account. Simply go to in your phone’s web browser to download the Gmail for mobile application. If your mobile phone doesn’t meet the requirements for this application, you can still log in to your Gmail account using your phone’s browser, at

Logging in to your Gmail account from the mobile interface is the same as logging in from your computer. If you send a message from your mobile phone, it will appear as Sent Mail when you log in from your desktop computer, and vice-versa. Gmail for mobile devices is easy to use, faster and has the same functions and the look and feel as Gmail on the web.

Picasa on Mobile

Provides almost all functionality as in Picasa Web Albums. Pictures are re-sized for small, fast downloads.

Google Calendar on Mobile

You can check your Google Calendar schedule from anywhere on your mobile device. Add events on the fly. Google Calendar will add the event to your schedule. Your calendar stays synchronized whether you access it from your PC or your phone.

Google News on Mobile

You can search for news, ind the latest news on any topic from multiple sources worldwide.

Google Local Search on Mobile

Text message your search query to 54664 (‘5GOOG’ on most devices) and you will receive the results as text message. Google SMS is a premium SMS service; queries sent to 54664 will be charged. Aircel, Airtel, BPL, BSNL and Reliance mobile operator networks are supported at this time.

Google Docs on Mobile

View your documents from anywhere on your mobile device. Documents are stored securely online and adapted for viewing on your phone.

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