Indian Languages Online Dictionary by Google

Google Dictionary is a free online dictionary service from Google accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This multilingual dictionary serves 28 languages, including the Indian languages Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali and Marathi.

The service is initially launched as part of Google Translate, but now it is a standalone service with address

Google Dictionary integrates Google Translate and Web Definitions into it. For example, you can type a word in English and can find out its meaning in Malayalam. Similarly, you can type a Malayalam word in Unicode and find out various English words meaning the same.

The dictionary service provides Audio pronunciation as well for the English words. Synonyms will also be displayed along with the result. If a word similar to or same as the word that we enter, it is present in any other language, google dictionary shows that result too. It will display related phrases, usage examples as well.

Google Dictionary recognizes words and informs that to user incase the user makes a wrong entry. Try Google Dictionary

Google Dictiopnary- English to Hindi



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