Google Chrome OS and Chrome Notebooks

The Chrome operating system (Chrome OS) is an open source operating system for people who spend most of their time on the web. Chrome OS powers Chrome notebooks and is designed to be fast, simple and secure.

What is Google Chrome OS?


Chrome notebooks are built and optimized for the web, where you already spend most of your computing time. So you get a faster, simpler and more secure experience without all the headaches of ordinary computers. Chrome OS is based on the open-source Chromium OS.

Chrome notebooks boot in about 10 seconds and resume from sleep instantly. Your favorite websites load quickly and run smoothly, with full support for the latest web standards and Adobe Flash.

All your apps, documents, and settings are stored safely in the cloud. So even if you lose your computer, you can just log into another Chrome notebook and get right back to work.

Chrome Notebook – From start to finish



Check out the Get Started with your Chrome notebook website.

The Chrome notebooks (Cr-48 notebooks) have integrated Wi-Fi for home and work, and 3G for all the places in between. In the U.S., 100MB of free 3G data every month on the Verizon Wireless network is offered at affordable data plans with no commitment required. In the first half of next year Chrome notebooks will be available for sale from Acer and Samsung.

Chrome notebooks use advanced technology to help prevent malware and viruses from accessing your data. Every time you turn it on, the Chrome notebook upgrades itself with the latest features and fixes. Annoying update prompts not included.

Every Chrome notebook runs millions of web apps, from games to spreadsheets to photo editors. Try the latest apps from the Chrome Web Store or just type URLs into the address bar – no CDs required.

Chrome notebooks do not run traditional PC software. They do run millions of web apps that provide the functionality of many of the programs you use today. For example, Google Docs lets you do word processing, spreadsheets and presentations online.

Web apps offer several advantages: they install instantly, update themselves automatically and let you access your files from anywhere. You can find many amazing web apps in the Chrome Web Store.

In the near future, you’ll also be able to run traditional software remotely on the Chrome notebook. Companies like Citrix are developing solutions that will be available in the Web Store, and Google is developing a free service called Chromoting that will enable Chrome notebook users to remotely access their existing PCs and Macs.

Chrome OS has security built in. It uses the principle of “defense in depth” to provide multiple layers of protection, so if any one layer is bypassed, others are still in effect. So while it’s still important to take precautions to protect your data, Chrome notebooks let you breathe just a little bit easier.

Automatic Updates: The most effective way to protect yourself from malware is to make sure all of the software on your computer is up to date and has the latest security fixes. Chrome OS manages updates for you automatically so you are always running the latest and most secure version.

Sandboxing: On your Chrome notebook, each web page and application you visit runs in a restricted environment called a “sandbox.” So if you visit an infected page, it can’t affect the other tabs or apps on your computer, or anything else on your machine. The threat is contained.

Verified Boot: Even if malware manages to escape the sandbox, your Chrome notebook is still protected. Every time you boot the computer, it does a self check called Verified Boot. If it detects that your system has been tampered with, or corrupted in any way, typically it will repair itself without you lifting a finger. You will always be able to get back to an operating system thats as good as new.

Data Encryption: When you use web apps on your Chrome notebook, all your documents are stored safely in the cloud. But certain kinds of files, like downloads, cookies, and browser cache files, may still be present on your computer. Your Chrome notebook encrypts all this data using tamper-resistant hardware, making it very difficult for anyone to access those files.

Guest Mode: With Guest Mode, you can let friends use your Chrome notebook without signing in. They can use the web freely, but they won’t be able to access your email or other data. And once they sign off, all their browsing data is permanently erased from your computer.

The Cr-48 notebook comes with ports on the side that support most common devices, including external monitors with VGA connections, USB mice and keyboards, headsets, and microphones. Chrome notebooks use the Google Cloud Print service to print. The Google Cloud Print service lets you print from any device, such as your Chrome notebook or mobile phone, without the need to install print drivers or plug in any cables. You can print to it from any app, on any device, and any location.

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