CellPay Remittance Service on Tata Indicom

Tata Indicom has announced its tie up with eSSecom to offer CellPay (Direct Debit to Account) Solutions. eSSecom’s CellPay solutions will provide consumers the most efficient, convenient and secure way to make their payments through their mobile phones using funds in their bank accounts (Direct Debit to Account) or through credit card. This service is available for all Tata Indicom postpaid mobile subscribers across Karnataka.

The CellPay solution is available for Customers who are registered for Mobile banking with CellPay connected banks. The registered Customer has to create a unique PIN by calling the CellPay IVR. Once the number is generated, the caller is eligible to avail all the benefits.

Customers using CellPay service have two options to make payments. One, they can either use an SMS requesting for payment using their CellPay virtual number where in they will get a confirmation of the payment via SMS on their phone. Secondly, the customer can also opt for an application available on the handset to make the payment. Here the customer has to simply select the CellPay application on the phone as a payment option post which a confirmation SMS will be sent to the phone once the payment is received.

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