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GOIM (Gamers Own Instant Messenger), is a free software instant messaging client based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. It is cross plattform and can be used on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS.It uses the XMPP protocol for communication with an extended presence packet to transmit information about games a user is currently playing.

Although GOIM runs on all platforms supported by Java and Eclipse, platform dependent features are limited to Microsoft Windows. These include the detection when the user joins a Game Server as well as the GOIM InGame Messenger which only supports DirectX 8 games. GOIM InGame Messenger  allows users to chat within DirectX 8 games. Although currently not part of the main release it can be obtained through the built-in update site.

XFireGateway As part of GOIM a XMPP gateway to the Xfire protocol was created,  which allows every XMPP client to communicate to xfire users. It also implements GOIM presence extensions allowing transmitting of joined game servers in both direction.

[advt]It was primarily developed to appeal to gamers so it not only transmits your presence status (like available, away, do not disturb) but also on which server you are currently playing which game. This way you can see where your friends are playing and join them with a single click.

It supports a system called gateways which makes it possible to communicate with people on other IM Services (like ICQ,AIM,MSN,Yahoo,etc.) transparently to the user and client.

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