Get GPS Postion of Car on Android Device – Find My Car for Android

Find My Car  helps you to search where your parked car is. It uses GPS(Global Positioning System) services. It helps to determine where you are, and may consume additional battery power. You can store multiple locations, enter GPS coordinates manually,  send GPS position to your friends and paste them into the app with one step. It helps for hicking to find your car again. Or to tell your friends where to meet.[androidqrcode:]

Download Find My Car for Android

This app is to:

  • Remember the GPS position of your car/hotel/etc.
  • Show your current position and your car position on the map.
  • Use Google Navigation to navigate to your car.

In Find My Car android app you can now add a new GPS-location with one step: just copy the received location you got via SMS or eMail and paste it into the textfield of the “add gps-location” option. Now you can tell your friends where to find you, or where your car is.

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