Get Google Chrome Dev Channel and Help Make a Better Browser

Are you a Google Chrome enthusiast? Then try out Google Chrome Dev Channel. The Google Chrome Dev channel gives the developer community early access to new features and the latest bug fixes.

The feedback from Dev channel users help Google to improve and implement feature ideas, and test the browser to the maximum before the beta release. So you can also be part of the effort!

Please note that, Dev releases are less stable than Beta releases. You can expect the occasional sad tab or even browser crashes! You many turn on the option ‘Help make Google Chrome better..’ in Options so that Google gets the crash reports and fix the bugs.

Automatic updates of new Dev channel releases are published every 1-2 weeks. To subscribe to the Dev channel, download and run the Google Chrome Channel Chooser. In Google Chrome, choose About Google Chrome and click on Update Now button if present, and restart Google Chrome.

On Windows Vista, updates from the About box require Service Pack 1. With (the current release), on demand updates do not work in Vista SP1 if User Account Control is disabled. [Source:]

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