Get Back / Switch to Old Gmail Theme / Interface / Look

Recently Gmail introduced the new look based on the “Preview” theme. The new Gmail has a lot of changes: Contacts and Tasks are now included in a drop-down menu below the Gmail logo, buttons like Archive or Label are only displayed when you select at least one message, there’s a new settings menu that lets you change the display density, gadgets and the chat box are now resizable, there’s a new interface for conversations, advanced search options are now displayed when you click the arrow in the search box and you can try HD themes.

But many of you doesnt like the design as it find difficult to see the full chat contacts without scrolling the page. Are you one of the users who is disgusted with the new Gmail theme? Want to get back the older one?. For now, you can switch to the old interface from the settings menu, by clicking on ‘Revert to the old look temporarily’. But Google says that this option will be removed soon.

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