Genie Timeline Home – Automatic Real-Time Backup for Files

Genie Timeline Home is a Windows time Machine that performs seamless automatic real-time backup for all your files and Folders. It reduces the backup process to just three steps: pick your backup drive, choose what to backup and then set your backup options. It comes with disaster recovery options, so you’ll never be left without your data and is constantly working quietly in the background ensuring your backup is fully up to date.

Download Genie Timeline Home

All of this powerful and useful technology could one day save you in all kinds of different ways: hundreds of dollars in data recovery fees, your job or even your marriage (imagine telling your better half what happened to those priceless photos when your hard drive crashed).

Through Tuesday March 6, all of that protection can be yours for nothing: that’s right, it giving away a full copy of Genie Timeline Home 2.1, worth $39.95 (to say nothing of the peace of mind), for free.

Once installed, fire up Genie and choose where to save your backup to. Next, choose exactly what gets backed up from a simple list, containing options like email, My Documents, financial files and disaster recovery. Then choose your options and sit back and watch as Genie gets to work protecting your files.

It’s all done in the background, you can easily add extra files to your backup at any time via Windows Explorer and – of course – restore your data at any time. In fact, Genie stores multiple versions of your files, allowing you to go back to an earlier version if necessary.

It’s all designed to be user friendly and simple to use the user interface is wonderfully simple to navigate and most importantly, you know your data is continually being monitored and backed up there’s no need to rely on a program that backs up once a day or weekly any more.

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