Fwix – Shows News From Your Locality

Fwix helps to find what’s happening nearby. With thousands of geo-located sources, Fwix is the most comprehensive place to find news, events, status-updates, photos, reviews, places, and social media in your city.

Fwix also offers a variety of site tools and a robust developer api for local content.

[advt]Fwix’s technology is designed to help you find the latest and most relevant local content. To accomplish this task.

Content classification and geo-tagging are examples of technologies  proudly built in-house.

Just enter the city name or zip code you can find news, events, status-updates, photos, reviews etc.

Fwix iPhone App

Fwix provides access to all the interesting things happening around you. With our iPhone app, you can read the latest news, discover upcoming events, or browse places to find information, reviews, and more. You can also use the map to explore content immediately around you, or use our search to find something more specific.

Download Fwix for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Features include:

  • Facebook check-in integration
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Email share tools
  • Map view shows nearby content
  • Thousands of cities to browse
  • Automatic location detection
  • Easy to use search
  • Robust place content: News, Reviews, Events, Photos, Status – Updates
  • Quickly get directions or place phone calls to places

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