Download Free Windows Startup Manager Software

Startup Manager is a program that provides you the possibility to manage the Windows startup procedure.
It offers  possibility to control which programs automatically start up and more. Recently not using program will stop by the  Startup Manager.

Startup Manager can:

  • Make programs start on logon (add items)
  • Rename existing items
  • Delete existing items
  • Disable existing items
  • Enable existing items
  • Create a batch file with programs that start in a certain order

[advt]Download Startup Manager

Startup Manager supports:

  • Startup folders (all users and current user)
  • Registry sections
    • All the run and services sections (all and current user)
    • Computer sections: winlogon (userinit and shell) and BHO (browser helper objects)
  • Win.ini sections (load and run)

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