Free Download Financial Calculator Extension for Google Chrome

Financial calculator is a Google Chrome extension which performs financial calculations like Mortgage, Interest, loan term calculations and many more.The Google Chrome Web Store has free and paid money management apps and extensions. Extensions add features to Chrome and apps are basically short cuts to web sites with a single sign-on through your Google account and Chrome. You can also use this extension for your stocks and bonds calculation. It provides a user-friendly interface which makes it, easy to use and access. This extension turns your hectic calculations into easy calculations.

Free Download Financial Calculator

Features of Financial Calculator

  • Mortgage calculator: It calculates the repayment to be made for purchases like car, house and many more.
  • EMI calculator: It judges the monthly interest you will pay for anything purchased on loan.
  • Loan term calculator: It tells you about, how long it would take to repay a certainloan amount.
  • Loan amount calculator: It figures out your monthly payment to be paid.
  • Interest calculator: It calculates the interest according to days, months and years.[advt]
  • Time deposit calculator: It defines the term period of the payment.
  • Stocks calculator: It is required for stock calculation.
  • Yield to maturity calculator: It calculates the amount you will receive on maturity of say fixed deposits or the like.
  • Bonds calculator: It calculates the bonds issue price.
  • IRR calculator: It calculates the internal rate of return.

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