Bulk Delete Tweets Using TwitWipe Application

TwitWipe is a free to use web app that lets you bulk-delete your tweets. This is better than deleting your Twitter account because you get to keep your username. All you have to do to get started is authorize the app access to your Twitter account and then click on the “Start Wiping” link. You will be asked to confirm your decision after which your tweets will be deleted. I hope you won’t be requiring this web application as by now, but you may find this app indispensable when you need to start over or if you want to handover your Twitter account to someone else. This Twitter based app is easy to use, as you just need to sign in with your twitter account.

Features of TwitWipe

  • Easy to use free Twitter app.
  • Delete all tweets in a single go.
  • No need to enter your Twitter password.[advt]
  • User-friendly Twitter app.
  • Stop deleting process in a single click.
  • Shows you number of tweets deleted.

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