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FlasKMPEG is a free open source digital video converter software that allows you to convert MPEG content into a other formats using your computer. It has a few editing capabilities so you can use to prepare your film or video assets. The program has an open architecture that allows for extended capabilities through the use of plugins.

FlasKMPEG takes MPEG streams and encodes them into another format, trying to achieve the maximum possible quality and trying to minimize the conversion impact providing a straightforward approach to the MPEG1/2 to MPEG/AVI conversion. FlasKMPEG uses plugins to support output formats making that way the program more flexible, and having a wide variety of output options.

FlasKMPEG MPEG2/MPEG1 decoder uses the MSSG (MPEG Software Simulation Group) decoder, that is what is usually called the ‘reference’ decoder.

FlasKMPEG was thought mainly for file based MPEG1 and MPEG2 conversions.

To convert a file: open the file at that time so much file format is given select one and open, after opening the file, to convert that file at that time different file format is listed select one format and click convert the file is converted into that selected format.

At the same time  FlasKMPEG will support Audio compression. video streams are currently not supported.


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