Free Calls/SMS and Real-Time Location Sharing on iPhone- Download Talkatone

Talkatone LogoTalkatone helps you to make unlimited free calls, send text messages and share locations using data connection on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Talkatone uses WiFi or 3G connection only and doesn’t use your cellular minutes. Talkatone uses Google Talk and Google Voice services and bridges the gap between instant messaging on your computer and regular cellular calls on your mobile device. It is one of the first full mobile phone app which works via Internet connection.
With Talkatone you can:

  • Make free calls over WiFi
  • Send unlimited text messages
  • Keep your phone # and don’t pay for roaming
  • Stay connected with your partners

Talkatone supports 2 types of calls:

  • Google Talk for Talkatone-to-Talkatone or Talkatone-to-Mac/PC calls. Those calls are free, even international ones (although data charges may still apply, especially when using Talkatone over a cellular network. Please refer to cell phone’s data plan for details). In order to make this type of calls, the person you are calling should be in your friends (contacts) list, be online and use a compatible client (which knows how to handle voice calls), ex. Talkatone.
  • Google Voice calling, i.e. calls to regular telephone numbers.

Key Features:

  • Free calls/texts on all iOS4 devices over WiFi or 3G
  • [advt]High quality audio with voice compression
  • Real-time location sharing
  • Uses backgrounding mode and local notifications for instant call/text alerts
  • Unbeatable free support within 24 hours.

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