Free Bulk SMS Service in INDIA – ZNISMS

ZNISMS Free SMS Service covers Airtel, BSNL, IDEA, Vodafone, Hutch, Dishnet Wireless, Reliance, TATA Indicom. You can send free SMS in INDIA on any Mobile Network.

How it works?

Your URL to promote is

or HTML format link: <a href=””>Bulk SMS, Toll Free Numbers</a>

You have to promote the above given link through or on e-mails, websites, blogs and other channels. Whenever somebody clicks on the above given link you will get one free SMS in your account. Since, it does not want spam it have put some measure to automatically catch the cheaters.

How Free SMS in India Works?

Nothing is Free in this world and so as the SMS services. Since at the end some one has to pay for this free service and in this case of each and every Free SMS sent by users, it pay the operator cost of the SMS so, that users will get the free SMS and best service.

[advt]The free SMS service is very dangerous and any one can send SMS with a FAKE CLI or Sender ID i.e. any one can send SMS to people from some one else number. Actually this depends on the service providers. Some are only looking for money inflow and therefore don’t stop users to this illegal activity so that a continuous flow of new users coming to their site to send free SMS.

It keeps a track of every free SMS sent from its service by recording the sender’s mobile number, his email id and the IP address from which he came to its site. It also includes the sender’s mobile number in the free SMS so that recipient can trace the sender of the free SMS. So, be sure no body can misuse the free SMS service.[source]

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