Free 3D Graphics Software – Blender Tool – Modelling, Animation, Rendering

Blender is an open source free 3D Graphics software which can be used for 3D modelling, animation, texturing, water simulation, rendering and also for creating interactive 3D applications such as video games and animated films. It is a free software utility available for download.

Blender is completely free and works on all major OS including Windows, Linux, Solaris 6.8 and Mac OS X. You also need an OpenGL compatible graphics card, such as Nvidia or ATI.

Features of Blender software

  • Support for a variety of geometric primitives, including polygon meshes, fast subdivision surface modeling, Bezier curves, NURBS surfaces, metaballs, digital sculpting, and outline fonts.
  • Versatile internal rendering capabilities and integration with YafaRay, a Free Software ray tracer.
  • Keyframed animation tools including inverse kinematics, armature (skeletal), hook, curve and lattice-based deformations, shape keys , non-linear animation, constraints, vertex weighting, soft body dynamics including mesh collision detection, LBM fluid dynamics, Bullet rigid body dynamics, particle-based hair, and a particle system with collision detection.
  • Modifiers to apply non-destructive effects.
  • Python scripting for tool creation and prototyping, game logic, importing and exporting from other formats such as OBJ, FBX, DXF, COLLADA, task automation and custom tools.
  • Basic non-linear video/audio editing and compositing capabilities.
  • Game Blender, a sub-project, offers interactivity features such as collision detection, dynamics engine, and programmable logic. It also allows the creation of stand-alone, real-time applications ranging from architectural visualization to video game construction.

Blender is available for download  for your Windows desktops as a stand alone software tool. Download the tool and install in your Windows desktop.

Blender Software Tool for USB drive

Blender is also available as a portable tool with the platform. The platform acts as a launching pad for a wide range of portable applications from

If you want Blender to be launched directly from a directory, without any installation, you can extract the file to a directory in your USB drive or your PC’s disk drive and then run the application directly from the directory. This will not add any entry in the registry. You can simply copy these extracted files to anywhere and run immediately without any other installation process.

If you want Blender to be launched from Portableapps Launch platform, first you have to download and install the Portable apps launch platform in USB or PC. Then install Blender using Portable apps launch platform. [Portable apps launch platform can install and provide shortcuts to all your downloaded portable applications from

Download Blender portable for your USB Drive

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