Follow Twitter Chat Rooms / Discussions using TweetChat App is a third party Twitter app which facilitates tweet chats. Tweet chats are online conversations, typically held at a pre-arranged time, between a group of Twitter users, and using a specific Twitter hashtag to identify the discussion.

How to use TweetChat App?

Sign in to TweetChat.

  • Signup with Twitter if you don’t have an account.
  • TweetChat login securely authenticates you with Twitter. Once authenticated, you will be returned directly to TweetChat.
  • If you ever want to sign in as a different user, sign out at Twitter and return to TweetChat.

Choose hashtag to follow.

  • [advt]Hashtags identify specific topics and those hashtags allow TweetChat to connect you with people talking about similar things.
  • TweetChat helps put your blinders on to the Twitter-sphere while you monitor and chat about one topic.
  • Choosing a hashtag directs you to a TweetChat room.

Converse in real-time.

  • Each tweet automatically gets the hashtag added and the room auto-updates.
  • You can use the “User Control” area to feature people you like or to block spammers.
  • “Smart pausing” has been added so when you scroll down the page, it will not refresh, helping you avoid replying to the wrong person.


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