imSafe Personal Security Mobile Application for iPhone

imSafe, a one of a kind, patent pending personal security app available for iPhones, was developed to protect users via their smartphones.

The imSafe app uses a unique combination of professional security monitoring and GPS location to get users help. When an imSafe subscriber needs help, they simply open the app and tap the blue imSafe three times quickly to connect to a security operator. The operator, based on the preselected type of help users need, will send the appropriate help directly to the GPS location of the user, even if they move. imSafe is like carrying a home security system with you wherever you go.

Features such as Listen In, Emergency Medical, Call for Help and Immediate Dispatch also include a detailed description of when and how to use them. You don’t have to worry about trying to explain to the operator where you are, a big bonus for those who are in life threatening situations where they cannot talk because of an intruder or because they are injured and cannot speak. When the phone is in Listen In mode, we record what we hear. The recordings are admissible in court.

The imSafe iPhone app is provided by the US based company “Mobile Security Worldwide”. Most personal security issues arise when people are away from their home. The app connects users with the company’s security center. The certified security operators will get assistance directly to you based on your actual GPS location, by contacting police, medical and other assistance, informing them of your situation and providing them with your actual location.

Once you have connected to a security operator via the app, the screen goes blank and the phone locks down. To close the application, you must enter a pin number. This allows users to hide that they are using the app for help and prevents assailants from stopping the transmission and tracking.

imSafe is available through the App Store and also on iTunes.

“Say you’re a college student walking out of a library after a long day of studying and you see a group of people that seem intimidating. They start making statements and harassing you. If you pulled out your phone and called someone they may be alarmed and become outranged, but if you put your hand in your pocket and tapped the screen a few times they wouldn’t even know. The imSafe Listen In feature allows our operators to listen to what is going on around you. The people around you won’t hear our operators, it’s complete silence on your end except for a vibration to let you know our operators are listening. If our operators feel that you are in danger or hear that you need assistance, they will immediately dispatch help. If you don’t need help, they were there in case you did.

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