Flagfox – FireFox Extension which Displays the Flag of Current Server Location

Flagfox helps you to displays a country flag depicting the location of the current website’s server.Additional information can be obtained via a multitude of tools such as site safety checks, whois, translation, similar sites, validation, URL shortening and more. All actions can be added to the flag icon’s context menu and set to icon click or keyboard shortcuts for quick access

Flagfox works by accessing an internal IP address location database, basically a rough map of the physical layout of the Internet, based on data provided by Maxmind. This gives a flag for the nationality of the actual location of the server you’re connected to, rather than just the nationality of the domain name which may be different. Flagfox updates are provided on a monthly basis to keep this internal database accurate.

Download Flagfox for Mozilla FireFox:


  • Site safety and malware checks
  • Finding similar sites and reviews
  • Automatic translation to your language
  • SEO and web development research
  • Diagnostics like pings and traceroutes
  • Whois and DNS information
  • Page code validation
  • Quick URL shortening
  • Copying a server’s IP address or other info

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