Turns Photos and Video Clips into Professional Video Slideshows – Animoto

Animoto was founded to help people better share their stories and express themselves through online media by innovating technologies in the field of video production. Using the latest in entertainment post-production technologies, Animoto is designed to bridge the gap between the high production value of film and television, and the more amateur feeling of most user-created videos and photo albums.


  • Choose your image: Animoto syncs with Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, and SmugMug to get your images in a snap. Add text and emphasize specific images with the touch of a button.
  • Choose your music:Music is at the heart of an Animoto video — upload your own mp3 or choose from our collection of tunes in several different genres.
  • Watch and Share: Watch your video in HD on Animoto.com or share it on Facebook, YouTube, your blog, or a DVD. It’s fast and easy to post to websites or download.
  • Unique Style: Every Animoto video is completely unique because our Cinematic Artificial Intelligence analyzes the nuances of your images, video, and music.
  • Music Library: A fast song will add to the intensity of transitions and effects. Animoto Lite and Plus give you access to a library of 13 genres.
  • High Definition: Animoto videos come in several different resolutions. 480p videos are perfect for burning to DVD, and 720p high definition videos will look stunning on any size screen.
  • Cinematic Artificial Intelligence: It analyzes and combines user-selected images, video clips and music with the same sophisticated post-production skills and techniques used in television & film.

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