Face – Facial Recognition Web API Software

FaceFace is a powerful tool for finding pictures of you and your friends on Facebook. This application scan photos and detect all faces appearing on them, recognize and automatically match names to all faces. You can also search for friends and browse their face galleries.

It offer a platform for developers and publishers to automatically detect and recognize faces in photos using a robust, free, REST API. This API allows third-party developers to create their own original apps that leverage our face recognition technology, algorithms, and database of tagged faces.


It offers a technology platform with best-in-class facial recognition software, using proprietary software and algorithms to efficiently scan photos. The software is effective and highly efficient, able to recognize faces with a high degree of accuracy, and process thousands of images in short periods of time.

Face.com’s Phototagger technology works by scanning photos, batching subjects into groups and suggesting tags for faces it has identified. The software is effective challenging conditions from questionable lighting, background, picture angle and even focus of the pictures.

Photofinder scans photos belonging to the user, as well as photos from their social network, and suggests names for untagged photos. It’s a useful tool for finding photos of oneself or one’s friends that you didn’t know existed. Face.com mirrors the user’s Facebook privacy settings.

Face has two successful face recognition apps for the Facebook platform, PhotoTagger and PhotoFinder. It reaches hundreds of millions of users worldwide, and has scanned 18 billion photos and counting. More than ten thousand developers actively leverage their powerful face recognition API.

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