Basno – Store, Track, Display and Manage Digital Goods

Basno provide organizations and individuals a platform to create, track and manage the supply of digital goods and equip users with the information they need to evaluate those goods and then the tools they need to claim, store and display them. It guarantee three basic things. One: that the source of an object is always known. Two: that when you own something, it’s yours, it’s unique. And three: that, if an object is available by invitation only, uninvited users can’t own it, and similarly, if it is meant to be a limited edition, that in fact its circulation is limited.

Your possessions on Basno are more than just images placed next to your profile picture. It serialize objects offered on our platform and seal them with encrypted information that makes each one singular  an object unto itself that can be mimicked but never exactly replicated. It is yours, and only yours, for as long as you want it.

[advt]Brands and users both profit from digital objects. Users leverage branded goods to establish credibility and demonstrate pride and passion. Brands benefit from a network of ambassadors promoting value-creating activities. Where users have made meaningful commitments, they should be rewarded. In displaying their reward, they popularize the very action through which they earned it to begin with. It’s a simple but effective tool for influencing behaviors.

Basno is a first-of-its-kind platform for the creation, hosting, distribution and authentication of valuable digital objects. Digital badges, pins, patches, stickers and other forms of social merchandise are redefining the way users display experiences, claim affiliations and express themselves online. When connected to meaningful commitments, achievements and distinctions, these objects are particularly powerful: they empower users without brag or boast to establish credibility and demonstrate pride and passion. It powers the creation and distribution of objects that, through limited issuance, focused messaging, trusted branding and community effects, users immediately understand to have value and feel compelled to display, share and cherish.

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