Everpix – All Your Photos in Cloud, Organized and Accessible from Anywhere

everpix-logoEverpix lets you have all your photos in the cloud, automagically uploaded, organized and curated. Setting up Everpix once will automatically, and continuously, import all your photos to the cloud, where they can be accessed in one place: anytime, anywhere. View, rediscover, and share your best photos all in one place, effortlessly. It is currently available for Mac and iOS.

Using a small utility that runs on your computer, Everpix lets you connect to your local photo stores, online services like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Instagram, and even to the photos sent to you in Gmail.

All Your Photos, In The Cloud

You have thousands of photos spread out across various devices and web services: your computer, phone, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, etc.

Curate Your Photos With One Click

Photos are about capturing memories, but organizing them and finding the best ones can be a real chore.

Everpix automatically organizes your photos by moments, and resolves any duplicates you may have in your collection. You don’t have to organize a thing.

[advt]Assisted-Curation feature is able to recognize photos that are out-of-focus, or improperly exposed, and hide them for you. We can also examine series of photos of the same scene and pick the best one.

Super Simple Photo Sharing

Photo sharing is complicated: you have to configure complex share settings, understanding privacy settings, wait for photos to upload… the list goes on and on.

With Everpix, all your photos are private until you decide to share them, and once you do, it’s literally one click to get the job done.

Everpix is the best way to publish your photos to Facebook and Twitter, as well as send photos via email attachments. Select the photos you want to share, click publish, and you’re done. It’s that easy.

Get Started

To get started, you install a utility that places an icon in the Mac’s menu bar. Initially, the syncing may slow your computer down a bit as it uploads your entire photo library. For that reason, it might be a good idea to get the upload started before bed so it doesn’t interrupt your work.

Clicking the Menu Bar icon will take you to the Everpix website, where you can configure the various services you want to connect to, as well as point it to which folders on your desktop contain photos you want to sync online.

For those of you with complicated folder-within-a-folder systems for organizing photos on your computer, you may be a bit disappointed to find that with Everpix you can’t choose to upload only a selection of folders or files. You must either globally enable or disable your entire Pictures folder (or optionally, your Documents and Desktop, too).

By default, all your photos are private and will always remain private unless you specify otherwise. From the Everpix website, you can choose to enable additional online photo-sharing services, all of which connect using OAuth or, in Facebook’s case, Facebook Connect.

The best feature of all is Everpix’s simple privacy settings. As noted above, all photos are private by default, but with one click, you can change that. With a toggle switch at the top of the page, an album (or select photos in an album) can be made accessible via a provided URL which you can share with Facebook, Twitter or via email.[source]

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