Encryption Keys for Blackberry Messenger and Email Passed to Security Agencies

Research in Motion said that, it has given Indian security agencies the encryption keys to enable access to Blackberry messenger and public email. But RIM has not provided access to its corporate email services.

The company has sought time till January 2013 to address security concerns associated with its corporate email services (BlackBerry Enterprise Server).

The intelligence agencies fear that RIM’s corporate email services could be used by terrorists, since these communications cannot be detected.

For handling national security threats, Indian Security Agencies have been demanding access to BlackBerry communications for the last three years.

India has over a million BlackBerry users, although less than 400,000 subscribe to its email and messenger service.

[advt]”With regard to interception and monitoring of BlackBerry Enterprise Service, the RIM representative suggested that interception and monitoring in readable format is possible at the BES server/mail located at the enterprise, which is availing the enterprise email services through BlackBerry platform,” says the minutes of the December 29 meeting. [via]

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