E.ggTimer.com – Online Countdown Timer

E.ggTimer.com is an online countdown timer, or egg timer. Just set a time and bookmark it for repeated use. You can also create a count down to a specific date or time. You can set the online timer to count down from any number. You simply type in the exact amount of time that you want to countdown into the white textbox.

[advt ]To start a timer on E.ggTimer, all you have to do is type the URLhttp://e.ggtimer.com/ and then in plain English append to it the time you need counted down. For example for 10 minutes you wound enter http://e.ggtimer.com/10minutes.

E.ggTimer can count down seconds, minutes, hours, days and years as long as they are entered in logical order. The timer will start once the URL is loaded, and when the counter expires it will alert you with a beeping signal.

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