Duplicate Lines Remover – Remove Duplicate Lines from Files

Duplicate Lines Remover is free software that allow you to easily remove duplicate lines from files and strings. You can specify to ignore empty lines, remove empty lines and enable sorting of items. Is also possible to add the application to the SendTo menu for easily remove duplicate lines from files present in the hard drive.

By default the program will work just as its name suggests, quickly processing files to remove duplicate lines. Check the Settings menu, though, and you’ll find options to ignore or remove empty lines, or to sort the lines in a file.

The program can also work with strings. Which means you can paste in text from the clipboard, process it to remove duplicates and so on, and then copy it back to the clipboard.

Download Duplicate Lines Remover


  • Add to SendTo menu
  • Commandline version
  • Compatible with BOTH 32-bit and 64-bit OS
  • [advt]Ignore empty lines
  • Remove duplicate lines from files
  • Remove duplicate lines from strings
  • Remove empty lines
  • Sort lines of a file
  • Very user-friendly GUI

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