Bing Desktop – Microsoft Tool to Bring Bing Search Box to Desktop

Bing Desktop is a new Microsoft tool which brings the Bing search box to your desktop. It provides an automatic update of the Windows Desktop Background image to the Bing home page image each day. In addition, Bing Desktop offers an easily accessible yet unobtrusive search box to streamline searching without opening the browser.

Download Bing Desktop

[advt]Once installed the program will by default launch along with Windows (although you can change that). And when you need to carry out a Bing search, it’s as easy as clicking the Bing icon and entering your keywords. Suggested searches appear as you type, to help speed up the process, and on pressing Enter a browser window will open to display the results.¬†And as a bonus, the program can also set your wallpaper to the current Bing image, refreshing your desktop every day.

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