Doxo – Cloud based File Management Service

Doxo is a free cloud based file management service that helps you to store all your important documents like bills and statements in one place. It is a secure place for storing your documents personal documents. You can create different folders like receipts, tax papers and legal for storing receipts, tax papers and other documents in an organized way in your account.

The user interface of this free online content management service is intuitive and is very easy to use. Doxo is also available for iPhone and all your documents can be nicely organized inside Doxo and you can find them whenever you want quickly. You can drag and drop your important documents using doxo Desktop and upload all your documents easily. you can also create a backup of all your important documents to your PC like they are organized online on Doxo.


  • Organize all your documents nicely
  • Organize folders and accounts
  • Upload and download documents easily
  • Access to your documents anytime, anywhere
  • Select and connect providers to receive and pay bills directly from Doxo

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