Download Safe Notes is a Secure Notepad for Android

Safe Notes is a secure notepad app that stores notes securely and provides easy access using a pin. It stores your notes in a secure manner using 128 bit encryption and provides quick & easy access using a simple pin number or a secret question/answer (can be used like a password instead of pin).

Safe Notes stores all your data on the sd card instead of taking up valuable internal memory. Safe Notes is easy to use and provides a simple interface. Safe Notes is a secure and easy to use notepad application.

Download Safe Notes is a secure notepad for Android


  • Pin Number access (auto locks after 1 minute)[androidqrcode:  com.isbell.ben.safenotes]
  • Secret question/answer access (can leave out pin for password style access)
  • Separate note title
  • Create/Delete notes
  • Notes can be up to 5000 characters
  • Sort Options (ascending and descending)
  • Search functionality
  • Send note as SMS or Email
  • Database storage
  • Send note as email or SMS message
  • Destroy Database option
  • Help screens and messages
  • All data encrypted (128 bit encryption)
  • All data stored on sdcard
  • Backup and Restore note data
  • Auto-Save notes

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