Download Version Info – View, Export and Import Version Info of Exe Files

Version Info will view, export and import version info of executable files. It completely supports multilingual version info structures (Windows file properties dialog does not show multiple languages). Files can be open by using Open file dialog box, history list, or using mouse drag and drop.

Download Version Info

Support The following file types:

  • Application (*.exe)
  • MS-DOS application (*.com)
  • Application extension (*.dll)
  • Screen saver (*.scr)
  • Device driver (*.drv)
  • System driver (*.sys)
  • Audio compression manager driver (*.acm)
  • Audio/Video codec (*.ax)
  • Service provider (*.tsp)
  • Type library (*.tlb)
  • [advt]ActiveX control (*.ocx)
  • Object library (*.olb)
  • Control panel library (*.cpl)
  • Font (*.fon)
  • Borland package (*.bpl)
  • Delphi package (*.dpl)

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