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TimeBox application is a powerful, easy-to-use time management tool. It allows contractors and consulting professionals to keep track of their time spent on various projects and tasks, and to cross-reference projects and tasks in a variety of reports and summaries. It currently runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and Mac OSX, as well as any other platform with a Java RunTime Environment (including Solaris and Linux.)

TimeBox is a favorite time tracking application, used by organizations as small as one or two individuals, and as large as EDS and Sun Microsystems.

Download TimeBox


  • A “punch-clock” metaphor which makes tracking time so easy, it’s almost mindless. Just punch a button and click on the project you’ll be starting on.
  • A built-in Web server which allows user you to track time from a remote computer? You can track that time using the same TimeBox instance, right over the Internet.
  • A Report Generator which allows you to customize reports. Create reports about specific projects, specific time frames, in whatever format you need. View, print, or save your reports, or load them into the spreadsheet or database applications you already use.
  • [advt]Advanced editing features to allow you to modify time that you’ve already tracked. You can easily edit time you’ve already tracked, or time that you’ve forgotten to track
  • Easy backup features help you prevent accidental data loss.
  • Advanced search capabilities allow you to quickly and efficiently dig through that past time you’ve tracked.
  • Merging time functionality lets you track your time on different computers, then merge all your time tracked into a single instance of TimeBox.

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