Download ThinkGraph – 2D Drawing App Specialized for Concept Maps

ThinkGraph is a 2D Drawing application specialized for Concept Maps authoring. A concept map is a diagram meant to represent Ideas, each idea being represented by a shape (i.e rectangle, ellipse, image etc). This diagram becomes a concept map when relations link these ideas and Hypertext Links are added to these ideas which allow navigation to other either a detailed description (e.g a web page providing details on this idea) or another concept map.

Download ThinkGraph 

Most drawing applications and concept map editors use a proprietary format for the documents that they generate. It generates a pure XML document which means that the document is independent from ThinkGraph and may be viewed or modified later by other applications. ThinkGraph uses only standard XML: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics, a XML language specialized for 2D drawing) is used for the presentation part (shape and graphical attributes of the ideas) while XTM (Xml Topic Maps) is used for the data part (relations between ideas, e.g parent-child relations).

[advt]Documents generated by ThinkGraph may be visualized by any SVG application, the most straightforward being Adobe SVG Viewer which is a plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Once Internet Explorer is extended with SVG Viewer, you can open any SVG document with Internet Explorer.

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