BioDigital Human – Web Based 3D Learning Platform for Life Sciences

BioDigital LogoThe BioDigital Human is a web based learning platform for the life sciences. It simplifies the understanding of anatomy, disease and treatments. Interaction with 3D anatomy, physiology and disease provide an unprecedented opportunity to share information on the human body in a format that finally resembles life itself: 3D, dynamic and visual.

It is a 3D platform based on a brand new web standard called WebGL. This standard is included in the latest releases of the Chrome and FireFox browsers.

BioDigital human contains 1900 scientifically accurate 3D anatomy models and it views spatial relationships in unprecedented clarity. In addition to these it helps to learn medical terms in a visual format, quickly pinpoint the location of health problems, export custom images for presentations, and  virtually dissect anatomy to reveal underlying structures.

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