Download Stopwatch Software for PC – XNote Timer

XNote Timer is a simple countdown timer and stopwatch software. Both count-up mode to measure time intervals and count-down mode to work as an alarm. Can play any audio file (mp3, wav, midi, etc) and launch any application. Large re-sizable display to show on LCD panel for public presentations or small icon always-on-top of your desktop for reminder. System-wide hotkeys allow to start/stop/reset with just a keypress no matter what application is active.

Digital display like handheld stopwatches and clocks. But unlike those XNote Stopwatch can be resized to achieve any dimensions of digits: from fullscreen on a LCD TV for public presentations like a ‘stopclock’, to tiny icon on your desktop as a reminder.

Download XNote

[advt]Stopwatch mode and countdown timer mode: When the timer gets to zero, it can sound a warning signal, play an audio file, run an application, and even command external devices.

Ability to capture the time of chronograph at any moment (split time feature). The interval from a previous recorded time and percentage weights are calculated (lap time feature). You may add a comment to each noted time. Finally, the whole list of results can be copied through the clipboard for further processing. It is even possible to record the time directly to MS Excel cell without awkward export/import operations

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