Write Family History Multimedia and Share – Famento

Famento is an online service that allows you to write your family history. With Famento, you can tell your Stories, capture your family’s stories so they are never forgotten, share your photos and videos, save your favorite photos and videos from graduations

Famento lets you keep in touch with people you care about, and tell them about your life using photos, videos, stories, and more.

[advt]In the beta version of Famento, users can create profiles, write stories about them, their family members and friends, upload photos, publish events, invite friends and write lifecast, etc. Famento is a social network but different from many others. It keeps a private network of people that you care about.

It focus on sharing deep content about your life and your family history; It keeps all of your family members and the stories of their lives connected in one network.


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