Download Graphical Battery Widget for Android Phones

Graphical Battery Widget is used in android phone to show the exact battery level in 1×1 space, with shortcuts to Power-Summary/Display/GPS/Wifi/BT Settings. It is a Widget not an app.

Add on your homescreen with Menu -> Add -> Widgets -> Battery Widget.

Download Graphical Battery Widget from Android Market

For quick access to the controls for turning Wi-Fi on and off, this application requires device permissions to view Wi-Fi state, change Wi-Fi state, and “prevent device from sleeping”. This application does not, however, do anything to prevent the device from sleeping.
[advt]Also, in order to display whether the GPS receiver is on or off, for display purposes only, this application requires the additional device permission to access “fine (GPS) location”. This application, however, does not actually ever access device location information.

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