Download Fauxbar Chrome Extension

Fauxbar is a chrome extension which makes Chrome’s New Tab page act like Firefox’s Awesome Bar. It quickly find the history page, tab or bookmark and results are ranked using Mozilla’s frecency algorithm. You can add and use your favorite websites’ search engines with ease.

Download Fauxbar for Chrome


  • Address Box:
    • Accurately find your history items, bookmarks, and opened tabs
    • Results are ranked using Mozilla’s frecency algorithm, just like Firefox
    • Full support for mid-word searching and non-alphanumeric characters
    • Consistent URL auto-fill / auto-complete
    • Intelligent page pre-rendering
    • Keyword shortcuts for your favorite websites
    • Right-click options such as Add/Edit Bookmark, Add/Edit Keyword, and Delete from History
    • Paste & Go
    • Search engine keyword shortcuts
    • URL blacklist
    • Switch to tab functionality
  • Search Box and search engines:
    • Right-click on search fields on your favorite websites to add them as Fauxbar search engines
    • Use your favorite search engines with the dedicated Search Box, or hide the Search Box and just use search engines from the Address Box
    • Assign keywords to search engines for quick access, or click a menu for a visual list of your search engines
    • Suggestions can be displayed as you type your query (suggestions from the selected search engine will be retrieved where available)
    • Paste & Search
    • Supports OpenSearch detection
  • Tiles:
    • Show tiles for your installed Chrome apps
    • Show tiles for your favorite websites with screenshot thumbnails
    • Let Fauxbar choose site tiles for you, or manually choose them yourself
    • Click and drag site tiles to rearrange

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