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Elixir reveals the information you are looking for, from details about the charge state of your battery to free space reports, this is an app that provides you with more information than you’ll know what to do with. Series of customizable widgets are available that are each used to display different information about your device. As well as details of the properties of your device, such as how the processor is being used and how much memory is free.

Download Elixir for Android

Elixir also provides access to information such as when your next alarm is due to go off. With the ability to display widget icons in a grid up to 7 x 7 in size, there is scope for showing a wealth of information on your home screen. The option to create HTML reports is also available so you can keep a record of your device’s details on your desktop computer. Elixir also provides easy access to options such as mute, enabling wifi, screen locking and much more.

[advt]Should you feel that Elixir does not provide you with quite enough information; the Elixir Personal Add-on is also available. This displays details of the number of unread emails and SMS you have, and includes a missed calls widget. The bundled contact widget makes it easy to send messages and make calls to your contacts in just a couple of taps.

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