Download OpenOffice Document Reader for Android

Using OpenOffice and LibreOffice Document Reader Android app, you can view documents created using OpenOffice or LibreOffice. It is well integrated simple fast and lightweight app which can be used on almost any app to view your .odtfiles and .odsfiles on Android, including

  • GMail
  • Dropbox
  • ZumoDrive
  • File Expert
  • Android Browser
  • ASTRO File Manager
  • ODF / OpenDocument
  • EStrongs File Explorer

Download OpenOffice from Android Market

[androidqrcode: at.tomtasche.reader]


  • zoom
  • copy text
  • formatting
  • image support
  • builtin file chooser
  • spreadsheet support

It does NOT support.

  • impress
  • editing
  • Microsoft Office or any other proprietary formats.
  • no PDFs
  • no txts
  • no mp3
  • no avi

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