Download DIManager X – Quick Save, Restore Positions of Desktop Icons

DIManager X is a tool to quickly save and restore the positions of desktop icons. You can save the icon positions in different profiles, and perform a restore operation very quickly. Windows often automatically repositions icons on the desktop when you change screen resolution. This is where DIManager X comes in handy. It even has an option to automatically restore icon positions whenever the screen resolution changes.

Download DIManager X

Features :

  • Individual profiles for different resolutions / Users
  • live desktop
  • Multi-function monitor
  • Automatic icon arrangement after resolution change
  • Save icon position at regular intervals
  • USB flash drive using functional parameter ” / u “
  • [advt]Update feature new in version 7 :
  • completely revised version
  • Runs on USB-Sticks
  • Windows Vista compatibility is unfortunately the developer Sebastian Gerling on 26.03.2008 of “” his domain sold on eBay and set the development of X DIManager.

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